8-13 October
UN-CMCoord Skills Training, Sigriswil, Switzerland

12-13 October
IER USAR NL, The Netherlands

18-20 October
INSARAG Team Leaders and Working Group Meeting, Indonesia

20-25 October
Forest Fire SIMEX (Israel, Jordan, Palestine)

22-27 October
PREP Course, Reichenau, Austria

22 October – 3 November
UNDAC Induction Course in French, Senegal

29 October – 3 November
UN-CMCoord Course, Colombo, Sri Lanka

30 October – 3 November
IEC Algerian Heavy USAR, Algeria


5-10 November
UN-CMCoord Course, Entebbe, Uganda

13-14 November
INSARAG Regional Africa, Europe and Middle East meeting, Turkey

13-17 November
IEC USAR Bomberos de Chile, Chile

14-15 November
JIP Professional Dialogue meeting

20-23 November
Virtual OSOCC Moderator Training Course, Austria

29 November – 1 December
INSARAG Americas Regional Group Meeting & UNDAC Regional Consultation, Ecuador


4 – 8 December
USAR Coordination Course, Costa Rica