The UNDAC Field Handbook has proven to be an important and easily accessible reference guide for UNDAC team members as well as for other first responder organisations. Representing an accumulation of institutional memory related to methodology, processes and procedures for coordination, the Field Handbook needs to reflect the current practice and developments in UNDAC and the humanitarian system, as well as lessons learned from recent deployments.

FCSS is launching the revision of the UNDAC Field Handbook in 2018 and a working group with the participation of some UNDAC members will be established to update the 6th edition over the next six-eight months.

The latest version of the Field Handbook dates back to 2013. On an average, every 3-4 years the Field Handbook undergoes an extensive revision. Since 2013, many developments in terms of assessment and coordination have been observed. New approaches arising from recent UNDAC missions, large scale humanitarian responses, methodology development, the Interagency Standing Committee (IASC), the World Humanitarian Summit in 2016, but also changes inside OCHA affect the humanitarian work and the UNDAC system.  The new version will be ready in 2018 and we will announce the revised handbook to you all.