During the INSARAG Steering Group Meeting 2017 senior disaster managers from Israel, Jordan and Palestine, briefed on their Professional Dialogue.

The overarching objective of the Professional Dialogue is to enhance national and regional emergency response preparedness levels, thereby leading to more resilient societies. The Project is using disaster management as a platform for dialogue among its partners. Specifically, it focuses on strengthening the interoperability and collaboration among the authorities in disaster response and preparedness, and further improving the level of preparedness of the humanitarian actors on the ground. The Project activities and regional collaboration form a holistic path towards improved regional preparedness and effective response mechanisms that enable the saving of lives of the affected populations.

To date the Project has succeeded in building cooperative and collaborative working relationships with Israel, Jordan and Palestine. This has culminated in six professional dialogue meetings during which delegations discussed gaps in the regional response framework, guidelines for information ex-change, challenges bringing humanitarian assistance into the region – preparedness, coordination and access – as well as common events/training courses. Proposals for a regional earthquake early warning system and an operational regional flood alert system have been prepared. The participants also discussed the upcoming joint forest fire simulation exercise (EU MEFF, facilitated and supported by the Ministry of the Interior of France), which is scheduled to be held from 22 to 25 October 2017 in the region.