Response to oil spill in Colombia

photovisi-download (3)

Following a request from the Minister of Environment of Colombia, ERSB in coordination with the UN Environment/OCHA Joint Environment Unit (JEU), deployed a joint UNDAC/JEU mission in response to the oil spill which affected the Santander Department of Colombia. The team of eight included environmental experts, two of whom deployed through the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM), UNDAC team members and OCHA Colombia staff. The objective of this mission was to do the following:

–  Complete a rapid assessment of environmental damage from an independent perspective

–  Review of how the Ministry’s response was and what can be improved in the future
–  Set up guidelines for the restoration plan
–  Make recommendations for strengthening institutional capacity.

The experts were deployed between 11 and 26 April 2018 to assist the Ministry of Environment in assessing the environmental impacts to ecosystems and identify humanitarian consequences and needs of affected population. The final technical report is confidential and was delivered to the authorities upon mission completion.


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