OCHA/Emergency Response Support Branch Change Process


As part of the restructuring of the Branch, the Field Coordination Support Section (FCSS) does not exist anymore. The Branch is now  composed of three sections:

1: Response Services Section (RSS) that promotes predictable, timely deployment of staff, partner and operational capacities (Chief: Zola Dowell, dowell@un.org)
2: Response Partnerships Section (RPS) that manages strategic partnerships with emergency response providers and technical networks to enhance humanitarian response (Officer-In-Charge: Martijn Viersma, viersma@un.org)
3: Readiness and Training Section (RTS) in charge of managing the joined-up humanitarian coordination capacity among OCHA’s Coordination Division, operational partners and the wider humanitarian eco-system (Chief: Josef Reiterer, reiterer@un.org)

UNDAC is now under the Response Services Section (RSS) with the generic email  undac@un.org and with Peter Muller (email address: muller2@un.org) as the overall Service Lead. UNDAC’s  geographical focal points and administrative support points and administrative support are listed as below:

  1. Europe/Africa: Stefania Trassari and Gaetano Castro  (email addresses: trassari@un.org; castrog@un.org)
  2. Americas: Gintare  Eidimtaite and Martin Perez (email addresses: eidimtaite@un.org; perez1@un.org)
  3. Caribbean: Lucien Jaggi and Martin Perez (jaggi@un.org; perez1@un.org)
  4. Asia/Middle East: Olga  Prorovskaya and Marlisa Delfin (prorovskaya@un.org; delfin@un.org)
  5. Pacific: Benjamin Negus and Marlisa Delfin (negus@un.org; delfin@un.org)

We appreciate your continued support and cooperation for ERSB’s new structure. We are committed to continue to work together without valuable partners.



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