As part of the restructuring of the Branch, the Field Coordination Support Section (FCSS) does not exist anymore. The Branch is now  composed of three sections:

1: Response Services Section (RSS) that promotes predictable, timely deployment of staff, partner and operational capacities (Chief: Zola Dowell, dowell@un.org)
2: Response Partnerships Section (RPS) that manages strategic partnerships with emergency response providers and technical networks to enhance humanitarian response (Officer-In-Charge: Martijn Viersma, viersma@un.org)
3: Readiness and Training Section (RTS) in charge of managing the joined-up humanitarian coordination capacity among OCHA’s Coordination Division, operational partners and the wider humanitarian eco-system (Chief: Josef Reiterer, reiterer@un.org)

UNDAC is now under the Response Services Section (RSS) with the generic email  undac@un.org and with Peter Muller (email address: muller2@un.org) as the overall Service Lead. UNDAC’s  geographical focal points and administrative support points and administrative support are listed as below:

  1. Europe/Africa: Stefania Trassari and Gaetano Castro  (email addresses: trassari@un.org; castrog@un.org)
  2. Americas: Gintare  Eidimtaite and Martin Perez (email addresses: eidimtaite@un.org; perez1@un.org)
  3. Caribbean: Lucien Jaggi and Martin Perez (jaggi@un.org; perez1@un.org)
  4. Asia/Middle East: Olga  Prorovskaya and Marlisa Delfin (prorovskaya@un.org; delfin@un.org)
  5. Pacific: Benjamin Negus and Marlisa Delfin (negus@un.org; delfin@un.org)

We appreciate your continued support and cooperation for ERSB’s new structure. We are committed to continue to work together without valuable partners.