UNDAC Induction in Senegal

Another successful UNDAC Induction course took place in Saly, Senegal, from 22 October to 3 November, generously funded by the Government of Belgium and Canada and in collaboration with the OCHA Regional office for West and Central Africa in Dakar. This was the first Induction course in French. Participants, 31 in total, came mostly from French-speaking African countries including Central African Republic, Cameroon, Benin, Comoros, but also Belgium and Haiti, as well as international organizations such as European Commission, Plan International, IFRC, FAO, WFP, UNDP and UNEP.

UNDAC Induction.JPG

The 11-day training provided participants with the knowledge and tools needed to be deployed and effectively operate in a typical UNDAC mission, such as the OSOCC methodology, coordinated assessments and the UNDAC mission software. The training included a three-day simulation exercise supported by staff from MapAction and the International Humanitarian Partnership, which helped participants to test and to put into practice the UNDAC methodology in an earthquake type of scenario.

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