Malaysia hosts the Asia-Pacific Regional Earthquake Response Exercise

Over 400 people took part in the Asia-Pacific Regional Earthquake Exercise held on from 11 to 13 September in Putrajaya, Malaysia. The event was hosted by the Malaysia National Disaster Management Agency, and supported by China, Russia and the United States. OCHA’s Field Coordination Support Section which is also the INSARAG Secretariat, co-organised it with strong support from OCHA’s Regional and Country Offices in Asia-Pacific.

More than 200 staff across 25 Government agencies were joined by 192 international participants from 24 countries. The stakeholders participating in the exercise included national disaster managers and responders at all levels, international USAR teams and Emergency Medical Teams, as well as UNDAC teams and ASEAN’s Emergency Rapid Assessment Teams.

The Malaysian government recognized that the simulation exercise provided an important platform to revise and improve their internal coordination and response, adding trigger factors to swiftly decide if international assistance would be required in such large-scale emergencies.

The Philippines has confirmed that they will host the next regional Earthquake Response Exercise in Manila.

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