Message from Jesper Lund

jlThis month’s Dispatch is devoted to the many interns, who are or have been working with ESB, and without whom we will not be able to meet all the expectations from our partners. ESB typically offers 3 to 6 months internship opportunities for graduate students in areas of emergency response services and humanitarian coordination.  We have asked 8 interns who have worked with us recently, to share reflections on their experience working with ESB.

I am personally impressed by their knowledge, creative but critical thinking, ability to  communicate and not least their ability to function in an often very busy and stressful work environment. I am grateful for their dedication and commitment, and noting that our work can rely so much on their efforts, I hope that one day, the UN will be in a position to provide them with financial support, which would also allow less financially able interns to come to Geneva to work with us.

This edition of Dispatch also provides insights on rapid response that the Branch mobilized recently. The hurricane season started in the Caribbean region, and ESB staff and our partners have been working around the clock facilitating some first responses with the passages of Hurricane Irma and Maria. You will also find articles on UNDAC deployments in the Caribbean region, and to Sierra Leone in response to landslide as well as a number of other hopefully interesting articles.  I hope you will enjoy reading this edition of Dispatch, and any feedback you may have to improve it, please send it to ESB.

With best regards


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