UNDAC Training: The Socialist Republic of Klanndestan is once again hit by a disaster!

Thirty five emergency managers from the United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination (UNDAC) system deployed to Finland as part of the new UNDAC refresher course from the 5 to 9 June. The Finish Center for Crisis Management served as the training ground for a large flood response coordination exercise. The new course ensures UNDAC members are kept “response ready” and updated on the latest developments in the humanitarian system. Lessons learned from recent field missions and trainings were also included to ensure that the system is continuously improving. The UNDAC team, along with its operational partners MapAction, the International Humanitarian Partnership (IHP), and Atlas Logistics, enhanced their skills in the areas of coordination, information management, assessment, and analysis. The simulation, along with a four-week pre-course distance learning and a two-day post simulation debrief, had a strong focus on improving the UNDAC system performance and team management.

Evaluations of the refresher course were largely positive. 100 percent of participants viewed the course as beneficial. High points included the simulation exercise, opportunity for teamwork, and data analysis. As UNDAC consistently strives for improvement, reflections on pre-course work and other low points will be considered and reevaluated for the future.

The next course will be held in Korea, starting 21 August.


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