ESB’s Field Coordination Support Section (FCSS) is happy to announce that the first UNDAC Talk will take place on July 6, 2017. These talks are aimed to utilize the extensive knowledge available within the UNDAC Network to the benefit of other UNDAC members, operations support partners, associated members, and more.

The speaker for our first, one hour webinar will be Marcus Elten of OCHA’s Program Support Branch. Marcus will be focusing on how we can strengthen future UNDAC deployments to successfully manage an increasingly crowded response and dynamic data environment, and ensure we provide operational and strategic decision making with top-notch information at the right time with the right focus.

UNDAC Talks will be available on the Webex platform, and will later be recorded and distributed through the UNDAC YouTube Channel and UNDAC social media networks.

Please join us on the 6th to launch the first of many great sessions!