UN-CMCoord Course held in Vienna, Austria

CMCS organized a UN-CMCoord Course for Europe in Vienna, Austria from 14 to 18 May 2017. 27 participants representing military and government organizations, Red Cross/Crescent Movement, UN Agencies and OCHA discussed CMCoord aspects of current humanitarian crises in Europe and the Middle East.

UN-CMCoord Course
Participants accelerating learning retention with a fishbowl activity Credits: ©OCHA/ESB/CMCS

One thought on “UN-CMCoord Course held in Vienna, Austria

  1. Very very heartfelt thanks to all great people and organizations, specially the UN OCHA – Mr Josef Reiterer, Mrs. Anne Sophie Allegre and their team , Mr Arno UMFAHRER, the Austrian ministry of Defence, the Bundesheer authority who organized this great course. Participants from different organizations coming from many countries – your interaction, contribution from your real life professional experience made the course really very agile. A very special thank to Mr. Reiterer for great evenings.
    All the best to you all!
    Raja SHAHED
    Italian Red Cross
    Südtirol, ITALIEN


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