In preparation for OCHA’s 21st rotation of the Emergency Response Roster, ESB’s Surge Capacity Section (SCS) conducted a Field Response Surge Training (FIRST) in Starum, Norway from 21 March to 5 April. The training was generously hosted by the Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning (DSB) who support the FIRST facilitators with their aim to prepare roster members for rapid deployment to new or escalating emergencies. Feedback from the trainers indicated high levels of knowledge and capacity, as well as strong motivation amongst the 24 participants, four of whom have already been deployed. 98 per cent of participants rated the training as either excellent or good, with appreciation noted for the course content as well as the methodology and quality of delivery. Feedback from participants on this course will be used as part of an evidence base to improve future FIRST courses when the training is reviewed in late May.