CMCS supports operations in CAR and Nigeria

A  Civil Military Coordination Section (CMCS) team member deployed to Central African Republic as UN-CMCoord Officer through the Emergency Response Roster (ERR) from 3 March to 11 April, upon request of the OCHA Country Office. The mission focused on the revision and implementation of UN-CMCoord structures and mechanisms in Bangui and in field locations, to further improve civil-military coordination and preserve and promote humanitarian principles. The CMCS UN-CMCoord Officer also gave briefings to both humanitarian and military actors in Bangui, Kaga Bandoro, Sibut and Berbérati.

From 27 March to 7 April, CMCS carried out a support mission in Nigeria at the request of the OCHA Country Office and the Humanitarian Country Team (HCT). The mission assessed the civil-military operating environment in Nigeria to get a better understanding of the context and propose concrete recommendations to feed into the OCHA CMCoord Strategy. The mission interviewed key military and humanitarian actors in Abuja, Maiduguri, Bama, Monguno and conducted a one-day workshop on UN-CMCoord principles.

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