Welcome to HNPW 2017

Dear all,

Welcome to the first ESB Dispatch of 2017, which is dedicated to the Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Week (HNPW). This yearly event provides a unique opportunity for more than 20 networks to organize their annual meetings as well as to facilitate inter-network discussions on common challenges. In 2016, the HNPW convened over 800 participants representing governments, UN Agencies, NGOs, Private Sector, Military, Environmental Networks, Stand-By Partners, grass-root organizations and technical partners.

At the HNPW, we will introduce the Leading Edge Programme (LEP) that aims to foster year-round collaboration between networks and technical experts to provide further improved humanitarian response. Last year, we launched 6 different Focus Task Forces (FTFs) to facilitate the development of joint solutions to critical challenges in crisis management. With the HNPW as an accelerator, it is our hope that the LEP will bring together technical expertise and establish a platform that will enable continuous collaboration throughout the year.

I very much look forward to seeing you in Geneva in February, and to interacting with you through the HNPW platform discussing the future of the humanitarian response.

Kind regards,

Jesper Lund, Chief of ESB




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