Inducting new members for the UNDAC team

For many humanitarian aid workers and disaster managers, being selected as an UNDAC member represents an achievement. Recently, 31 selected candidates concluded the second UNDAC Induction course for 2016, which took place in Novara, Italy from 20 November to 2 December.


The course was delivered by ESB’s Field Coordination and Support Unit (FCSS), in collaboration with the Italian Civil Protection and the Research Centre in Emergency and Disaster Medicine of the University of Piemonte (CRIMEDIM), supported by ECHO. Over the course of two weeks, 31 participants from 20 countries, representing 16 Member States and six international organizations, were inducted in the UNDAC system to establish and facilitate humanitarian coordination following sudden onset emergencies. The course included in the first week a desktop exercise to coordinate the response to a large flooding event, while in the second week the participants, divided in four teams, had a simulation exercise to coordinate emergency response following a large earthquake.


[For further reading, we recommend the latest UNDAC Mission Report for Haiti…]




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