Humanitarian Affairs Officers Induction course

OCHA’s Surge Capacity Section (SCS) continues to support training and capacity building of a strong external pool of Humanitarian Affairs Officers (HAO) deployable through the StandBy Partnership Programme. From 7-9 November, SCS facilitated an HAO induction course in Hveragerdi, Iceland, which included 19 participants from the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, Danish Refugee Council, Norwegian Refugee Council, Iceland’s Crisis Response Unit (ICRU), RedR Australia, Canada’s International Civilian Response Corps and Irish Aid.  The four day training included a range of modules, along with a desktop exercise to expose participants to the broad spectrum of roles and responsibilities an OCHA HAO are required to undertake in emergency field operations.

At the request of the ICRU, SCS remained in Iceland for an additional week to support an internal ICRU training, aimed at broadening ICRU’s role in supporting emergency deployments.  SCS also met with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to discuss options to additionally support Iceland’s capacity to contribute to future humanitarian operations.

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