Bringing HNPW together – ACSU behind the scenes

ESB’s Activation and Coordination Support Unit (ACSU), in close collaboration with other OCHA sections, is responsible for the overall coordination of the HNPW 2017 and for bringing together the core planning team overseeing logistics, communications and programme streamlining.

The unit manages the Virtual-OSOCC, an online platform for disaster response professionals that facilitates information-sharing at the onset of global crises. Through Virtual OSOCC, participants can, not only, register for the event, but also initiate discussions and consult information about the week’s programme. The platform is also used as a hub for the 2017 HNPW website, which was relaunched on 15 December. Explore our website at!

For its third consecutive year, the HNPW aims at bringing together humanitarian experts, affiliated or not to networks and partnerships, to work in improving crisis preparedness and response. So far, 17 networks and partnerships have confirmed their participation to the event, and over 2,000 participants have been invited to join.

If you would like to know more about the planning process behind HNPW, or have any ideas to contribute, check out the details at our website or get in touch with the team through the “Contact” section.

ACSU staff at Emergency Relief Coordination Centre, Geneva. Credit: Kotaro Takeda/OCHA

What is ACSU doing at HNPW? 

Evolving emergency preparedness through Simulations and Training:

Empowering local preparedness to respond against disasters is the first line of defense in protecting populations from crises. It is also a vital component for driving down the costs of disaster management which in turn enables economies to divert investment to growth. ACSU will engage with UK academics in identifying policy improvements on disaster response exercises and how this can be operationally applied to multiple regions globally experiencing distinctly different natural hazard threats.

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