HNPW 2017: vehicle to solve technical challenges in preparedness and response

The next Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Week (HNPW) will be held in Geneva from 6 to 10 February 2017. The event will host the annual board meetings of 16 humanitarian networks and partnerships, and provide space for the six Focus Task Forces (FTFs) that have been established to develop sustainable solutions for issues of common concern.

Most readers might not know that the HNPW is the annual highlight of a year-round ongoing collaboration process among its networks and partnerships, where cross cutting issues of common concern are addressed in dedicated Focus Task Forces. At the HNPW, each FTF will organise several sessions within their overall theme.  It is important that during their year-round activities, the FTFs create an inclusive and transparent space, which is not only open to networks and partnerships of the HNPW, but also to unaffiliated actors and other relevant groups of professionals. The outcomes of the FTFs are expected to – build on best practice and the collective knowledge and capacity of their members, and result in measurable change and improvements in crisis preparedness and response.

It is proposed to introduce the hash-tag #ChangeTogether to create an identity for the process and to facilitate access to and the sharing of related information. (More information about the HNPW 2017 as well as online registration is available at, where the session objectives and results will be regularly updated.)

The Networks and Partnerships at the HNPW 2017:

  1. Advisory Board of the United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination (UNDAC)
  2. Advisory Group of the Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System (GDACS)
  3. Airport Preparedness & Capacity Building Network
  4. Consultative Group on Humanitarian Civil-Military Coordination (UN-CMCoord)
  5. Disability in Humanitarian Operations Network
  6. Emergency Medical Teams Advisory Board
  7. Geneva-based Cash Programming Working Group
  8. Humanitarian-To-Humanitarian (H2H) Network
  9. International Humanitarian Partnership (IHP) and Operational Support Partners
  10. Pandemic Supply Chain Initiative
  11. Private Sector Partners and Connecting Business Initiative (CBI)
  12. Steering Committee of the International Search and Rescue Advisory Group (INSARAG)
  13. Strategic Advisory Group for Environmental Emergencies (SAGEE)
  14. Stand-by Partnership Programme (SBPP) Annual Consultation
  15. Working Group on Emergency Supply and Prepositioning Strategy (ESUPS)
  16. Other networks, such as humanitarian researchers and Southern NGOs

The Focus Task Forces at the HNPW 2017:

  1. Disaster response exercises as vehicle to improving international response and coordination
  2. Enabling Airport Surge Capacities & Logistics Response
  3. Environmental risks and humanitarian action
  4. Improving and streamlining on-site coordination
  5. Improving the efficiency of customs processing in humanitarian emergencies
  6. Information for decision makers: Sharing the load in the first 72 hours

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