SCS completes FIRST

ESB’s Surge Capacity Section (SCS) completed another iteration of the Field Support Response Training (FIRST). Seventeen participants — including one from the Associated Pool – attended the course, which was held from 28 September to 5 October in Vienna, Austria. Participants demonstrated a high level caliber, well-rounded facilitation team to support and mentor participants throughout the seven days induction. Deployments for thie ERR (Emergency Response Roster) rotation have already started, with one staff member en-route to Burundi; one traveling to southern Africa for an assessment on El Nino-affected countries; one deployment for the Haiti Hurricane Matthew response, while an additional six requests are being processed for Haiti; and lastly, two deployments are being prepared for Nigeria (Maiduguri). The Austrian Ministries of Defense and Interior played a critical role in financing and participating in the training. The next course will be conducted in April 2017.

A ProCap training, which included 24 participants, took place on 4-9 September 2016 at Château de Bossey, Switzerland.  The objective of the training was to build core competencies expected from ProCap Protection Officers, focusing on skills and knowledge as well as attitudes.  The key training deliverables included an understanding of protection issues including the dynamics of displacement, the ability to articulate inter-agency and collaborative approaches to protection, including coordination mechanisms and bases for partnership; an understanding of how to incorporate participatory approaches into assessment, analysis, and strategy design; and the crafting of a protection advocacy plan.  Participants were also asked to identify personal strength and growth areas to prioritize areas for further development.

ProCap training, 4-9 September 2016, Chateau de Bossey, Switzerland. Credit: OCHA

The Stand-By Partnership Programme (SBPP) Mid Annual Consultation took place on Thursday 29 September. Organized by the Norwegian Refugee Council, the meeting gathered UN organizations and SBPs to track progress against agreed action points from the February 2016 SBPP Annual Consultation, including on the establishment of a SBPP Support Function. Other key topics included performance monitoring, mentoring deployments, training of deployees as well as a presentation from the SBPP Training Secretariat. Participants also made suggestions on the agenda and format of the upcoming SBPP Annual Consultation to be held in February 2017 in Geneva during the Humanitarian Networks and Partnership Week, including a discussion on the outcomes of the World Humanitarian Summit and their relevance to the SBPP.



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