Drafting Groups on ‘Words Into Action’ Guide

The Joint UNEP/OCHA Environment Unit is co-chairing with UNISDR the development of the “Words Into Action” Sendai Framework on Disaster Risk Reduction guide on technological / man-made hazards. Several experts from member states (private sector and international organizations) will be providing inputs based on country-based case studies. It is expected that in March 2017 the guide will be published.

This guide on technological/man-made hazards is intended to provide government policy makers and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) practitioners with a deep understanding of technological hazard management at different scales, discussing opportunities for DRR and sharing case studies from existing policies and practices. It will allow member states to take a multi-hazard approach to risk, to strengthen collaboration between natural and technological risk management communities and will ultimately strengthen the accountability of all relevant stakeholders in reducing disaster risk.

EPES is also engaged in the drafting of the implementation guide on Disaster Preparedness for Effective Response. This guide will provide emergency managers, line ministry focal points, including local governments, private sector, civil society organizations and international organizations with practical steps to enhance preparedness for effective response in line with the disaster risk management approach of the Sendai Framework. The launch of this guide is expected at the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in May 2017 in Mexico.

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