Update on admin in the regime of UMOJA

One year ago, the UN Secretariat introduced a new administrative system, called UMOJA and OCHA/FCSS had to implement a few changes in the way we renew UNDAC contracts. As you may know, the duration of the UNDAC contract is now one year. In order to renew your contract you would still need to submit your medical certificate, fill the online CV on INSPIRA (inspira.un.org) which replaces the old P11 form, a copy of the first page of your passport and every three year a copy of your Basic & Advanced Security in the Field Trainings. For the payment of your mission expenses, you would also need to fill the HR Minimaster form that includes your banking details for bank transfers and the “P2 Beneficiary form” which includes information on the next of kin/beneficiary person.

When UNDAC members go on mission, they will be considered as “consultant’, which means travelling in Economy class and having their DSA being paid to bank account directly, except in exceptional circumstances. At the end of their mission each UNDAC members must submit his/her Expense report which replaced the former travel claim.

For trainings, meetings or workshops, the UNDAC member will participate as “meeting participant”, travelling in Economy class. In addition, the travel must be submitted 21 days in advance therefore the members needs to inform FCSS on time if he/she wishes to participate in a training/meeting. When returned back to his/her country they must complete their expense report and there will be not one additional day of DSA paid, as before, but terminals instead. The member will only get 75% in advance of the travel, while the remaining 25% is paid once the expense report is submitted to FCSS. If you have more questions, do not hesitate to contact your Administrative Focal Point in FCSS.

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