Upcoming event – Triplex 2016 & Regional Earthquake Response Exercise in Colombia

As you know, FCSS is part of the core planning team of the large scale humanitarian response exercise TRIPLEX. This exercise is managed by our partners from the International Humanitarian Partnership and developed with the support of several UN Agencies, NGOs and Government. Prior to the TRIPLEX, some of participants will join the OCHA led Coordinated Assessment and Information Management Training (CAIM).Both events will be held back to back in Lista, Norway, from 20 to 30 September 2016. (CAIM course from 20-23 Sept and Triplex 24-30 Sept). Registrations are now close but we are glad to see that some UNDAC members and other partners are ready to support this event with their presence. For more information, please contact Lucien Jaggi (jaggi@un.org).

In parallel with the TRIPLEX, the Americas region will be holding the Regional Earthquake Response Exercise – SIMEX 2016 in Colombia, from 26-30 September. Hosted by the Unidad Nacional de Gestión del Riesgo de Desastres (UNGRD), the exercise is supported jointly by OCHA-FCSS as INSARAG Secretariat, the OCHA Country and Regional office as well as the Pan-American Health Organisations (PAHO) and several countries of the region, including the United States, Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, and Cuba.

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