The new UNDAC Mission Software (UMS) allows UNDAC teams to collaborate, remotely produce, share and archive documents using one single space, synchronizing in a local area network or over the internet. It also provides access to key standard guidance and templates to be used while on mission. Since June 2016, UMS is ready to be rolled out and used during UNDAC missions. UNDAC members and FCSS partners are being trained on the use of the software during UNDAC courses and teleconferences but we encourage all members to download the UMS, create an account and start familiarize with the software: For more details you can:

As part of the new improvements to support UNDAC teams on mission, a webmail system will be implemented as of October 1st offering response teams with emails (eg. This long awaited feature – which increases professionalism and UNDAC visibility – in part of the UNDAC Mission Software Package.