UNDAC deployment to Cape Verde

The Island of Brava in Cape Verde has been experiencing increased seismic activity since October last year. Due to a higher increase in activity in early August, with seismic events becoming shallower and more intense, the Government of Cap Verde, through the UN Resident Coordinator in Praia, requested a UNDAC team to support the contingency planning efforts to ensure the safety of the population of Brava. The recent seismic activity raised the concern of an eruption being imminent and the UNDAC team, accompanied by three volcanologists from the EU Civil Protection Mechanism and one staff from MapAction, conducted an analysis of the capacities at central and local levels and developed a Contingency and Evacuation Plan to enhance preparedness for a potential evacuation of Brava Island, in case of a possible eruption. As part of the recommendation the team suggested to prepare a list of equipment and relief items to be pre-positioned in case of an evacuation, capacity building activities at capital and local level and strengthening of the monitoring system for the volcanic activities of the islands. Final report is available here: http://portal.undac.org/pssuportal/portalrest/filesharing/download/public/HL5Yd4HZ4W6M5KM



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