Preparedness and Response effectiveness Programme (PREP)

FCSS, along with Surge Capacity Section and Civil Military Coordination Section led a PREP Course hosted by the Protection and Rescue Directorate in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. The course objective was to raise awareness of ESB tools and methodologies for Civil Protection Experts from the South Eastern Europe Region. Participants rated the course positively (4.5 out of 5), reinforcing its quality and relevance as a part of a regional training programme (DPPI-SEE –


Using a variety of methods, participants from 15 countries were exposed during five days to emergency response scenarios. From Civil Military Coordination, to the Humanitarian Programme Cycle, to Information Management, to UNDAC and INSARAG, the audience were exposed to internationally recognized standards, guidance and best practices. On the last day, a table top simulation, gave participants the opportunity to show case their knowledge of various tools.

PREP 3It is truly amazing”, said Lucien Jaggi, the course coordinator, “in such a short time, participants that are not familiar with the international response environment are able to understand different tools. Participant’s briefing to the Humanitarian Coordinator during the simulation, indicated that the varied learning methods employed in the PREP addresses a wide range of training needs and raise awareness of what ESB can bring to the humanitarian community”.

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