Update on the Surge Capacity Section (SCS) of the Emergency Services Branch activities

The call for applications for the Associates Surge Pool (ASP) new roster intake and renewal of membership has been released for the Humanitarian Affairs Officer (HAO) /UN-CMCoord, Information Management Officer, HAO/Pooled Fund Manager and Senior HAO P5 profiles. ASP consists of a group of external humanitarian experts available to deploy for ‘mid-term’ surge deployments. The selection process for the Humanitarian Affairs Officer/UN-CMCoord has already been finalized, while the selection processes for the other profiles are still ongoing. The temporary job openings for the Associates Surge Pool Humanitarian Affairs Officer P3/P4 and the Public Information Officer (PIO) profiles will be published shortly.

The new Emergency Response Roster (ERR) 19th rotation selection process has just finished, with the selection of 50 new members for the next 19th rotation (01 April to 30 September 2016). Emergency Response Roster presents a mechanism for OCHA staff deployment during the initial phase of an emergency or to fill personnel gaps. About 80 staff members have applied for this round from over 20 Duty Stations. For the past 4 rotations we saw a constant increase of interest from women, resulting in reaching the all-time high of 46 percent of female memberships for ERR19.


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