Message to the network in Africa – Stefania Trassari

2015 has been an intense year for the network in Africa as well. We ended 2014 while working hard for the Ebola response and we continued to do so again during the first few weeks of 2015, particularly with the UNDAC deployments in Mali and Sierra Leone. The year started also with a busy response following the severe flooding that affected Malawi. We are grateful to those UNDAC members, including those from the Southern Africa Development Community, who made themselves available for this deployment in support of the Government of Malawi.

The deployment in Sao Tome and Principe as part of the CADRI initiative showed the importance of relying on experienced UNDAC members who are ready to support national capacity assessment initiatives.

This year marked also the beginning of a series of trainings offered by FCSS on the UNDAC methodology. Members of the Emergency Response Roster of ECOWAS benefitted from this type of training in September in Senegal, as well as disaster experts from the Indian Ocean who successfully attended the UNDAC Emergency Response Methodology training in Madagascar in November this year.

We would like to congratulate those countries who have nominated UNDAC national Focal points in 2015, such as Mozambique, Malawi and Tanzania and we hope many more will join the network with the nomination of more UNDAC National Focal Points.

2015 offered also the opportunity to get in touch with members who received the UNDAC Induction few years back and who are now under contract and ready to be active part of the team again. I hope 2016 will bring more talented and committed UNDAC members from the continent who will contribute to the successful growth of the network in Africa.

The INSARAG network is ready to open its doors to those African countries who wish to develop further their national USAR capacities. We were glad to see Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, South Africa, and Togo coming to Abu Dhabi for the INSARAG Global meeting to benefit from the discussions as well as contributing to the Africa Middle East and Europe Regional meeting.

One thought on “Message to the network in Africa – Stefania Trassari

  1. Hi Stefania. it was indeed a pleasure meeting you in Neuhausen and inn Abu Dhabi in 2015. Hope to see you more in 2016. Best wishes. Merry Christmas and happy New Year.


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