Message on the UNDAC mission software – Luigi Bruno

We are pleased to announce about a new tool, which is the UNDAC mission software (UMS) that was officially launched during the UNDAC Global Induction Training last November in Spiez. The UNDAC Mission Software is a file sharing system using a web portal and a multi-platform workstation application developed by HITEC and financed by the Government of Luxembourg. The purpose of this tool is to provide a more professional and secure file sharing platform to the UNDAC members for the management of their working files, while on mission. The system is based on the Pulse software suite developed by and used already by WFP, and it is a file sharing based on a ownCloud open source project. A roll-out plan will be developed in order to provide access and training to all UNDAC members and to our UNDAC associates and support staff during the first semester of 2016.

In practical terms, each UNDAC member will have a space on the cloud to store personal documents up to 1 Gb and have at all times access to all relevant UNDAC documentation. The key documents, put together in a “mission workspace” folder include guidance and template to set up an operation and conduct a successful mission.

Create your account today by clicking here and download the software by follow this link. You can find an useful tutorial on YouTube and you contact me at for more information.

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