Qatar becomes the 45th INSARAG-Classified USAR team

The Qatar Search and Rescue Team (QSART) of the Internal Security Forces “Lekhwiya” was awarded the INSARAG “Heavy” classification as the 45th classified INSARAG team.

The INSARAG external classification (IEC) exercise was held in Doha, Qatar from 21 to 26 November. The QSART team is considered the youngest among all classified teams and demonstrated its high ability and readiness to respond during the simulation exercise that was conducted as part of the classification. The Qatari team has participated in more than 45 operations around the world and will keep demonstrating their high readiness for any future operations. The IEC was carried out in accordance with the INSARAG External Classification/Reclassification Manual and the minimum standards determined by the INSARAG Guidelines. This event received a lot of attention from senior Qatari officials, including the Emir and the Prime Minister.

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