Global Meeting of the Emergency Medical Teams in Panama

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), along with organizations that provide personnel for emergency medical teams (EMTs), met in Panama between 1 and 3 December to discuss actions and instruments to improve the response to outbreaks and disasters and help save lives.

ESB presented on the experience, lessons learnt and functioning modalities of the INSARAG network and the UNDAC system, as well as on the information management and reporting processes related to the OSOCC methodology, in particular the Virtual OSOCC.

EMT Workshop Panama

The EMT initiative is a great example of enhanced cooperation and alignment of coordination and information management mechanisms in sudden-onset emergencies, which often see a large influx of emergency medical teams. OCHA, WHO and PAHO will continue their work with stakeholders to strengthen coordination of the medical team preparedness and response as part of the overall emergency response efforts, including the urban search and rescue operations and in line with the INSARAG methodology.

Feature image credit: WHO

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