Customs facilitation and emergency stockpiles discussed at the Global Logistics Cluster Meeting

The Global Logistics Cluster meeting, held from 25 to 27 November in Budapest, Hungary, brought together senior logisticians from humanitarian organizations to discuss on-going operations, present new initiatives and projects in the field of humanitarian logistics.

The Emergency Services Branch (ESB) briefed the participants on the progress made in the development of ASYREC – software to facilitate customs processing of humanitarian relief – which OCHA is developing in cooperation with the UN Conference on Trade and Development. The ASYREC prototype is close to finalization and pilot countries have been identified to test it. Another update will be provided during the Humanitarian Networks and Partnership Week in February.


ESB also presented the initial results of the evaluation of the Global Mapping of Emergency Stockpiles project, with one of the emerging recommendations being for the project to support the Supply Chain Advanced Preparedness Actions under the IASC Emergency Response Preparedness framework. These actions include compiling lists of pre-positioned emergency supplies in the country, as well as regionally and globally. The Global Logistics Cluster has recommended creating a working group to support this work. This project will be presented to the newly established Working Group on Pre-positioning and Customs Facilitation during the Humanitarian Networks and Partnership Week.


ESB also contributed to the preparation of the Global Logistics Cluster Strategy Working Group. The strategy will focus on strengthening partnerships and building networks that prepare for effective emergency response; relying on each other’s strengths; and providing a platform for disseminating best practices and solutions among participating organizations.

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