A UN Disaster Assessment and Coordination (UNDAC) team of 12 people, including six UNDAC members, one OCHA staff and five operational partners from WFP, the International Humanitarian Partnership and MapAction, has deployed on 5 November to support the emergency response to Tropical Cyclone Chapala in neighbouring Yemen.

The UNDAC team is complementing the response efforts of the UN and its partners inside Yemen and will facilitate cross-border relief supplies shipment from Oman to affected areas in the country. Coordination support will also be provided for aid arriving be sea.

The UNDAC team is based in Muscat and will also establish a presence in Salalah in south western Oman, close to the border with Yemen. One staff member is based with the OCHA Yemen Support Office in Amman, Jordan. The expected duration of the mission is 3-4 weeks, but this might be revised according to needs on the ground.

Cyclone Chapala made landfall in Yemen while fighting between the government and rebel Houthi forces in the country continues. Since March 2015, the crisis has been an all-out conflict with a military operation launched by a coalition led by Saudi Arabia.

Photo: UNICEF Yemen/Ahmed Tani