UNDAC Emergency Response Methodology Course for West Africa

A UNDAC Emergency Response Methodology Course was organized from 28 September – 2 October, in Saly, Senegal by the Field Coordination Support Section (FCSS) in close collaboration with OCHA West and Central Africa Regional Office (ROWCA) and the Economic Community Of West African States (ECOWAS).

The participants of this training were 28 members of the ECOWAS Emergency Response Team (EERT), a team of experts in disaster managements who intent to deploy in the West Africa region to respond to emergencies. The aim of the course was to strengthen their capacity in disaster management and emergency response, taking as reference the vast experience developed by the UNDAC system.

ECOWAS 2 - Stefania Trassari - OCHA ECOWAS 3 - Stefania Trassari - OCHA

Participants were trained in small groups, accompanied by UNDAC-trained mentors, on practical exercises based on a flood emergency scenario happening in a fictitious country. During the exercise, members of the team simulated a deployment and worked as a team to establish OSOCC and ensure the coordination of the response.

The International Organization for Migration delivered an interesting session on Camp Coordination and Camp Management, as well as on Refugees Registration that attracted a stimulating discussions and useful questions among the participants.

Overall the objective of the training was for members of the EERT to familiarize themselves with the UNDAC methodology, as well as to improve the interoperability of the response at regional and country level across West Africa.

Photos credited: Stefania Trassari/OCHA

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