In Geneva, Switzerland on the 3-4 September OCHA Global Emergency Preparedness Meeting took place.

Representatives of all heads of OCHA’s Regional Offices (ROs), Country Offices (Chad, Niger and Nigeria), PSB, PRMSB, PDSB, CRD, SPEGS, and ESB, as well as from WFP, WHO, UNDP, UNHCR, UNISDR and UNICEF all participated in the meeting.

The meeting took place in the context impending financial constraints with extraordinary humanitarian needs globally. Participants fully acknowledged that OCHA’s priority is to respond to these needs while recognising that preparedness is an intrinsic, necessary and essential part of response. For OCHA to have a chance to respond well, OCHA and the humanitarian system that it supports, need to be well prepared to respond. The objective of the meeting was joint planning and prioritisation of emergency preparedness activities for 2016. OCHA field offices will take outcomes from the meeting as inputs to their detailed work and cost planning this month. EPES will develop its work plan based on regional offices work plans.

Photo credit: OCHA/ Matilda Moyo