Redesigning the FEAT

The revised Flash Environmental Assessment Tool (FEAT), or FEAT 2.0, will be comprised of two parts: FEAT Preparedness and FEAT Response.

While the FEAT formula and scientific rigor remained the same, the revised FEAT will easier to use and reflect the latest international guidelines, such as United Nations guidelines, the International Finance Cooperation’s standards and emergency response handbooks.

It will also be more closely integrated into existing emergency management platforms and guidelines. Emergency Preparedness is added because experience in using FEAT 1.1. in the field has shown that practitioners use this tool also for preparedness activities, such as hazard mapping and risk assessments. The data in FEAT 2.0 is updated according to the latest scientific insights. FEAT 2.0 provides a list with only approximately 100 hazardous substances, from some 1,800 offered in the previous version. For improved usability and feasibility in the field, the list of hazardous substances in FEAT 2.0 Annex 6 is reduced to priority substances only. The revised tool will have a Pocket Guide, a Reference Guide, an Online Course, a database and a Kobo version.

Photo Credit: Edwin Koo

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