Consultative Group incorporates environment risks

The Consultative Group on Emergency Preparedness and Response (CG) has incorporated Environment Risks and Preparedness as its sixth Focus Task Force (FTFs). 

The current FTFs are the following:

  1. Improving field coordination (IHP and FCSS);
  2. Streamlining training and exercises (FCSS, ACSU and EC/ERCC);
  3. Information analysis in the first 72 hours (CASS, FISS, ACAPS, ACSU, EC/ERCC, EC/JRC, Munster University)
  4. Cash programming (ICCS, Global Cash WG, EPES)
  5. Customs facilitation of humanitarian relief (ACSU, UNCTAD, WCO, Global Logistics Cluster)
  6. Environment risks and preparedness (EPES, MSB)

Environment Risks will focus on ensuring environment is mainstreamed into the broad preparedness for response agenda and link to on-going planning processes. Emergency preparedness as a broad theme was highlighted by other theme groups as an important cross cutting theme. EPES is discussing how to support the other theme groups to ensure that emergency preparedness remains a core and not a side-line issue.

The CG Support Group met on 22 and 23 June in Geneva to take stock of latest developments and discuss the preparation for the next Humanitarian Networks and Partnership Week (HNPW), which is scheduled to take place from 1 to 5 February 2016.

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